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Am Can CH Beacon Standing Off Ona Lark CD JH WC
Date of Birth: 12/5/2002 - 08/23/2010
Breeder: James E. Migely

Am Can CH Beacon Standing Off Ona Lark CD JH WC
Special Accomplishments:

  • 2nd place in Open Bitch class at Georgia Specialty in 2005
  • 2nd place in 15-18 mo Sweeps class at San Francisco in 2004
  • 2nd place in 12-18 mo Regular class at San Francisco in 2004

  • Traits
    Lark is a female from an interesting pedigree. Her mother is an English import from working lines and her father is a US-bred dog. Lark was selected from a litter of 4 which had 2 boys and 2 girls.

    Attitude & Trainability:
    Lark is a slow maturer and definitely a one-person dog. She is very bonded to her owner, Marilyn and is very willing to do anything that Marilyn asks of her. Lark can be a bit sensitive in nature and doesn’t need much of a correction to alter her behavior. She is a very quiet dog and very good around the house. She is a very polite dog and doesn’t get into much mischief. One thing though - she is a leaper and can leap from a dead standstill to about 6 feet in the air - straight up! It is awesome to see.

    Lark has been slow at turning on to retrieving. She is a good strong swimmer and is confident in the water. She is a good marker and has a soft mouth and has achieved both her JH and WC.

    Lark is a very nice agility dog. She is very responsive and very athletic and a good jumping dog.

    Lark is a very elegant flat-coat with a beautiful silhouette. She is a medium sized bitch with a nice topline and tailset. She has very nice side movement but her rear is a little close in movement. Her coat is nice but during shedding season is very light. She has a nice head with good planes and nice dark eyes. She has large ears and very slightly roundish, loose eyes.

    Lark died of GI tract lymphoma at 7.5 years old. She had good health clearances. She was from a litter of 4 and as of 8/24/2010, 1 is alive, 1 died of cancer at 6, Lark died at 7.5 of cancer and 1 was lost in a tragic accident. Her father lived to 12 years old and her mother died at 13.

    Health Links:
    Orthopedic Foundation for Animals
    Hips: FR3655G24F-PI
    Elbows: FR-EL865F24-PI
    Patellas: FR-PA594/18F/P-PI
    Cardiac: FR-CA73/23F/C-PI
    Eyes: ACVO clear 4/2005, Gonioscopy normal

    Comics Catman Dooley
    6F, 4M
    Litter B
    Grousemoor Northern Song
    1F, 2M
    Litter D

    Click Here for the PDF version of Pedigree