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    Litter E
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Registered Name
Call Name Sex Picture Accomplishments
Kistryl Acadia Addie F CH, Addie died 4/10/2021 of bone cancer.
Kistryl Blackstone River Valley NHC River M Died March 2015 of hemangiosarcoma. Well loved by his family
Kistryl Stones River Jet M Died November 2017 of cancer in liver. Will be missed by his family.
Kistryl Boss Of The Badlands Scooby M Died Sept 25, 2018 of cancer in spleen and kidney. Well loved.
Kistryl Dunes Laney Of The Lake Laney F Died 12/8/2018 of cancer
Kistryl Haleakala Halle F Cruciate surgery on one leg. Died 6/30/2021 of cancer
Kistryl Shenandoah Bella Bella F diagnosed with Hemangiosarcoma 4/2021. Died 3/3/2023
Kistryl Isle Royale Holiday Lucy F died 2/25/2019 of osteosarcoma
Kistryl Ona Sleeping Bear Dune Yogi M CH, died 5/22/2022 of old age and rear leg lameness