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    Litter F
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Registered Name
Call Name Sex Picture Accomplishments
Kistryl Leggo My Eggo Leggo M WC JH CH BN CD SH RN RA WCX RATI RATO RATS RATM TD,RATCH, U-HR, SWA, SHDN, SIE mitral valve disease in heart diagnosed at age 5, died 5/5/2019 probably spinal tumor
Kistryl We Treat You Right Dilly F Salter III fracture of hip. Hip replacement at 1 year. Died 11/22/2020 of probably spinal tumor
Kistryl Good To The Last Drop Fergie F mast cell tumor in 2016 - clean margins, died 12/24/2018 probable hemangio
Kistryl Takes A Lickin' Lula F RN JH WC UKC SR BN RA CD CH JH-U SH-U MH-U SH UKC HR CDX MH diagnosed Addisons in March 2020 under treatment, histiocytic sarcoma in 2020, died nov 19, 2020 of possible hemangio
Kistryl Never Stop Exploring Higgs M died 4/3/2019 squamous cell carcinoma
Kistryl The Quickr Pickr Uppr Bear M histiocytic sarcoma died 10/8/2018
Kistryl So Fast You'll Freak Thunder M Died 9/23/2019 of cancer
Kistryl Zoom Zoom Otis M CH,RN, diagnosed with histiocytic sarcoma at almost 8, died 10/22/2017 too soon...
Gold Puppy Gold puppy M Unfortunately squished at 8 days old