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    Litter G
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Registered Name
Call Name Sex Picture Accomplishments
Kistryl Ona Cat's Cradle Knotty F JH, WC died Oct 2016 of liver tumor
Kistryl I Spy Little F JH, WC, RN, SH, CH, CD, BN, GN, CDX, GCH
Kistryl Shoots And Ladders Hasbro M WC, JH, SH, WCX, MH, CH, CGC, Grp 1, CD pts May 3, 2021 probable spinal cancer
Kistryl Marco Polo Henley M Died 1/28/2023 of melanoma
Kistryl Red Rover Boomer M died 6/1/2021 cancer
Kistryl Red Light Green Light Tanner M died of lymphoma 7/13/2021
Kistryl Sit N Spin Sitka F died of kidney failure Sept 2023
Kistryl Hide and Go Seek Teeka F RN NAJ NA died 1/8/2024 of probably hemangiosarcoma
Kistryl Capture The Flag Oshie F left patella grade 1
Kistryl Simon Says Layla F squamous cell carcinoma but has spread, under treatment Died 5/18/2020
Kistryl ? M cleft palate, Put to sleep at 2 days old