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    Litter I
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Registered Name
Call Name Sex Picture Accomplishments
Kistryl Ona Cloud Nine Niner F CH JH WC
Kistryl Happy Together PJ M JH, WC, SHR, CH, Grp 3 - 3, Grp 4, Grp 2, Grp 1 - 2, GCH, BN RN WCX CD U-CD RA
Kistryl Luana Ilia Ilia F misc allergies, died blood clot 5/17/2023
Kistryl Key to Happiness Key F Died Jan 11, 2020 of adenocarcinoma
Kistryl Happy Go Lucky Carly F
Kistryl Bliss Winston M
Kistryl Glucklich Robbie M Died July 25, 2021 of polycystic kidneys and tumor in spleen and lungs
Kistryl Gator's Grin Craven M
Kistryl ? F 2 females born with cleft palates, fly free babies