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    Litter M
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Registered Name
Call Name Sex Picture Accomplishments
Kistryl Pilgrim's Feast Plymouth F CH
Kistryl Light Of The Hunter's Moon Ellie F JH WC SH WCX diagnosed hemangiosarcoma Oct 2021, died Nov 2021
Kistryl Clocks Fall Back Trip M RN CH WC RA BN RE SH GCH CD RAE RM WCX CGC TKI GCHB died 9/24/2021 of hemangiosarcoma
Kistryl Back To School Smarty M WC JH CH TD BN NA NAJ CD RA AJP AXP CGCU TKI SWE CDX minor allergies
Kistryl Dunkin For Apples Dunkin M
Kistryl Punkin Pie Kona F
Kistryl Rolling In Leaves Piper F sebaceous adenitis, died 3/23/23 cancer
Kistryl Maggie Mayhem Of Autumn Mae F died 4/8/2021 of bone cancer
Kistryl Golden Aspen Lola F diagnosed with histiocytic sarcoma in Oct 2022 and died 12/28/2022
Kistryl Harvest Moon Jetta F