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CH Ruffwood's Madison Avenue NA
Date of Birth: 3/20/1997- 3/18/2010
Breeder: Debbie Porter
Color: Black

CH Ruffwood's Madison Avenue

Madison was Marilyn's first Flat-coat. Madison was independent yet very loving. We trained for field and obedience for fun. She earned her Championship and her NA agility title before retireing due to spondylosis. Madison loved to be outdoors whether it was swimming in the water, running in the field, lying in the sun or chasing rabbits. She was a gentle dog that got along with everyone. She had a penchant for rocks, wanted you to throw them so she could retrieve them. Madison had a special love of chocolate, it was never safe in the house, no matter where it was hidden. Besides Cheryl and I, she loved Marilyn's Dad, who she visited in Michigan and Rick Van Byssum. When visiting, she would lay at their feet and follow them wherever they went. Maddie-Mad, as we lovingly called her, lived a long, happy life and she will be missed but never forgotten.

Madison died two days shy of her 13th birthday with liver cancer

Health Links:
Orthopedic Foundation for Animals
Hips: FR-2552G24F-T
Elbows: N/A
Patella: FR-PA210/24/F/P-T
Eyes: N/A, Gonioscopy N/A

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