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Am Can CH U-CDX Grousemoor Braveheart CDX TD JH WCX Can CDX WC
Date of Birth: 2/19/1999-2004
Breeder: Helen Szostak
Color: Black

Am Can CH U-CDX Grousemoor Braveheart CDX TD JH WCX Can CDX WC

Mel was out of my Smooch (Grousemoor Hugís and Kisses) in a litter that Grousemoor Retrievers bred. He was a powerful dog from the get go with a lot of personality. He was very much a unique character and I miss him much to this day. Mel was not good with other male flat-coats, he wouldnít go out of his way to start something but it didnít take much to trigger him.

Attitude & Trainability:
Mel was an excellent working dog except for his few flaws. Very willing, good drive but a few quirky things that got in his way. Mel learned quickly.

Mel was an excellent field dog with one major flaw - he had a funny quirk about ducks on the water. He would shy away from them at trials. I could not make this phenomenon occur in training so I couldnít fix the problem. Mel retired with 2 SH legs. He was an awesome handling dog on land and water. Good marking and excellent drive. Very biddable. Just the weird duck on water thing. May have been related to an incident as a very young puppy with a decoy on the water.

Lots of go and drive. Too fast for his handler. Never completed a title as he died at 5.

Mel took awhile to finish his CH. He didnít have a lot really wrong about him but not a lot really right. He was a medium size dog with a wavy coat. He was a bit wide in front with a nice rear. His head was a bit coarse. He had good movement and was sound coming and going. Very muscular and powerful dog.

Mel died of lymphoma at age 5. He had a littermate with small, undefined seizures.

Health Links:
Orthopedic Foundation for Animals
Hips: FR-2879E24M-PI
Elbows: FR-EL385M24-PI
Cardiac: FR-CA71/25M/C-PI
Eyes: DACVO 2004, Gonioscopy normal

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