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CH Kistryl Ona Swedish Holiday CD TD JH WC Can CD RN WC
Date of Birth: 12/22/2005 - 8/19/2018
Breeder: Marilyn Wilcox and Cheryl Kistner
Color: Black

CH Kistryl Ona Swedish Holiday CD TD JH WC Can CD RN WC
Special Accomplishments:

  • 3rd place with 197.5 score in Novice B obedience
  • RWB at 2008 Portland Specialty
  • 1st in 12-15 month old Sweeps class at 2007 Minnesota Specialty
  • 1st in 9-11 veteran regular class and 4th in veteran sweeps at CA Specialty
  • 3rd in 11+ veteran sweeps at New York Specialty
  • Ona died from complications of kidney failure. We love and miss you Ona
  • Traits
    Ona is a home-bred girl from an outcross pedigree. Her mother is my Lark (Beacon Standing Off Ona Lark) and her father is Torsten (Comics Catman Dooley). Pedigree is a mix of English working, American and Swedish pedigree. Ona was from a litter of 6 females and 4 males.

    Attitude & Trainability:
    Ona is a calm dog and is willing to do anything. She has moderate drive to work and is very sweet and cuddly. She tries to do the right thing and is an average learner. She is a good obedience worker with a very flashy heeling style.

    Ona is a decent marker and enjoys field work. She has medium drive and is willing. She has good line manners, bird handling and a soft mouth. She completed her JH without a lot of training effort and will be working to the SH level.

    Agility is not one of my focus areas but Ona is a reasonable agility dog. We will be pursueing agility titles once weave poles are more firmed up.

    Ona is a very elegant flat-coat with a pretty silhouette. She is a medium sized bitch with excellent substance and a good topline and tailset. She has a nice front with good forechest and her front legs are well underneath her body. She has very nice side movement but her rear is a little close in movement. Coming and going is fairly clean but rear movement is a bit close. Her coat is nice and lays flat except for some flippy hair on her ears. She has a nice head with good planes and could have darker eyes. She is a bit rounded in the backskull. She has large ears and very slightly roundish, loose eyes.

    Ona is a very healthy dog with good health clearances. She is from a litter of 10, which had one puppy die at 5 months old from unknown circumstances (poisoning? Cardiac?). Everyone else is alive and well. Her father died at 9.5 and grandmother died 13. Grandfather died at 12 years old.

    Health Links:
    Orthopedic Foundation for Animals
    Hips: FR-4318E27F-VPI
    Elbows: FR-EL1394F27-VPI
    Patellas: FR-PA1095/17F/P-PI
    Eyes: FR-2353, Gonioscopy normal

    Bertschire Horsepower
    5F, 4M
    National Parks
    Litter E
    Inkwells Truly Yours 8/27/20106F, 5M Children's Games Litter G
    Gunways Flying Dragonfly 3/29/20126F, 4M Happy Litter I

    Click Here for the PDF version of Pedigree