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Am & Can CH U-ATCHX HR Grousemoor Three’s A Crowd UDX TDX SH MX AXJ WCX Can UD TD WCX
Date of Birth: 8/18/1989-10/31/1998
Breeder: Miriam Krum and Helen Szostak
Color: Black

Am & Can CH U-ATCHX HR Grousemoor Three’s A Crowd UDX TDX SH MX AXJ WCX Can UD TD WCX
Special Accomplishments:

  • FCRSA Hall of Fame
  • First flat-coat to achieve agility titles of NA, OA, AX, MX

  • Traits:
    Reesa was from a litter of two. She was out of one of my most admired flat-coats of the time Grousemoor Blue Skies. Reesa was a very low confidence dog but her greatest asset was her ability to TRY. She always tried to do what I asked her to do and because she liked me so much, she managed to pull through for me.

    Attitude & Trainability:
    Reesa was a challenging dog for me to work with. I remember a training session where I got a bit frustrated and I raised my voice. Reesa’s response was to stall and then to submissively pee on the ground. That was a turning point in our working together. My job was to let Reesa know that she needed to try and that was all I expected. It worked! We worked hard together and accomplished quite a bit.

    Reesa was a good field dog. She didn’t have the most drive but she always got the job done in a steady manner. She was a good marker and had good memory. She was a decent handling dog but blinds in the water were her challenge. I could always count on her to get through the land series but the water blind was often were we would fail.

    Reesa was a good agility dog especially for the time. She was in agility at the time that it was just starting in the US. She was the first flat-coat to achieve the AKC agility titles of NA, OA, AX and MX. She was biddable and fast.

    Reesa finished her CH quickly and in fine style with 4 majors. She was on the taller side of the standard. She had good movement and was clean coming and going. She had good type. Her coat was a bit wavy on the back-end and her tailset was low

    Reesa died at 9 of autoimmune hemolytic anemia.

    Health Links:
    Orthopedic Foundation for Animals
    Hips: FR-1227G25F
    Eyes: FR-438, Gonioscopy normal

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