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Am Can CH Grousemoor Hugs ‘N Kisses UD TDX JH AX AXJ WCX Can CDX JH WCI
Date of Birth: 5/10/1996-10/2005
Breeder: Helen K. Szostak & Sarah Szostak
Color: Black

Am Can CH Grousemoor Hugs ‘N Kisses UD TDX JH AX AXJ WCX Can CDX JH WCI
Special Accomplishments:

  • FCRSA Hall of Fame
  • WB at 1998 Houston Specialty

  • Traits:
    Smooch was pick bitch out of the Tally x Rainy litter and was placed with me as a 5 month old puppy from Grousemoor Retrievers. Smooch got her Championship easily and finished by going Winners Bitch at the 1998 Houston National Specialty over approximately 100 other bitches under a breeder-judge.

    Attitude & Trainability:
    Smooch was a very bright dog. She was quick to learn and quick to figure out a solution. This can be a bad thing when coupled with a dog that would like to be out of her crate. Can you say "Escape-Artist"? She had good drive, and could take a correction but sometimes was determined in her manner.

    She was a decent obedience dog with a good attitude until utility class. She was a calm dog around the house but was prone to seeking out food and would find it and get it even if it was on top of the refrigerator. Did I mention that she was very agile?

    Smooch got along with other dogs, but could be a dominant bitch. She was clearly in charge in my house. She would not hesitate to take advantage of a person of weaker character. She was the best bed dog – stayed in her place and willing to snuggle if it was cold.

    She was a good marker and had good bird manners. She was quiet on the line to retrieve but did have some issues with tight marks. She was a good, strong swimmer.

    Smooch’s strength was her elegant and flowing movement. She had good reach and drive and was sound coming and going. She had a good coat, body length and topline and had a pleasant head and expression. Her eye color was a little light and her muzzle could have been a bit longer. I would have liked more bone. She had nice angles front and rear and good side movement. She could be proud of her tail.

    Smooch died in 2005 of lymphoma at age 9. She had a littersister with a bad patella. She was also diagnosed hypothyroid at age 5.

    Health Links:
    Orthopedic Foundation for Animals
    Hips: FR-2374G25F
    Elbows: FR-EL197F25
    Cardiac: FR-CA70/58F/C-PI
    Patellas: FR-PA165/25/F/P
    Thyroid: FR-TH4/25F-T
    Eyes: DACVO 2005, Gonioscopy normal

    Evensong Courante
    2M, 1F
    Grousemoor Jack in the Pulpit 2/22/2001 7M, 4F
    1M stillborn
    Expressions with Show replaced by Snow
    Litter A

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