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Am Can CH Kistryl Win Place or Snow CDX TDX JH NA NF RAE WCX Can CDX JH WCX
Date of Birth: 2/22/2001 - 12/29/2011
Breeder: Cheryl Kistner & Helen K. Szostak
Color: Black

Am Can CH Kistryl Win Place or Snow CDX TDX JH NA NF RAE WCX Can CDX JH WCX
Special Accomplishments:

  • HIT in obedience from Novice Class in Canada

  • Traits:
    Win is from my first litter under my own affix. He is an all American pedigree.

    Attitude & Trainability:
    Win is a very driven dog. He never does anything in slow motion. He has what I would coin an obsessive-compulsive personality and lives life LARGE. He also has a bit of ADHD. In training, he does really well with lots of focus and style. In the ring, he is distracted and can be very clownish in his antics.

    Win is a marginal marker but a really good hunter so he usually brings home the bird. He does not switch and has persistence for the bird that he was sent for. He can be a bit on his own agenda for handling. He completed his WCX easily and his JH. I am working him for the SH level.
    Agility is not one of my focus areas but Win is a reasonable agility dog. We will be pursueing agility titles once weave poles are more firmed up..

    Win is constructed very well and has a nice silhouette. His head is not his crowning achievement. He has nice dark eyes but his muzzle is a bit short and his backskull is too broad.He has a nice front with good forechest. He has nice side movement and is very true coming and going. Coat is nice and lays flat but now that he is neutered, can be a bit wispy.

    Win is hypothyroid and has good health clearances. He is from a litter of 10 where one is dead from osteosarcoma, one died of AIHA and one went missing from a Boarding Kennel at age 4. Win died of a suspected brain tumor. He went very quickly in the course of a day.

    Health Links:
    Orthopedic Foundation for Animals
    Hips: FR-3265G24M-PI
    Elbows: FR-EL599M24-PI
    Cardiac: FR-CA72/44M/C-PI
    Patellas: FR-PA702/46M/P-PI
    Eyes: DACVO 3/11/2008, Gonioscopy normal

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