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    Litter L
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Registered Name
Call Name Sex Picture Accomplishments
Kistryl Captain America Yankee M JH WC CH WCX GCH SH BN CD RA,RE toe melanoma diagnosed 11/18/2022
Kistryl Mr Incredible To The Rescue Dash M CH, WC, JH, WCX, squamous cell carcinoma - removed toe with clear margins, still alive 10/2023
Kistryl Bud Man Buddy M Low Calcium, osteosarcoma - died 5/26/2020
Kistryl Isis Storm F
Kistryl Black Widow Isis F
Kistryl Wyndswept Waiting For Superman Ting F CH
Kistryl Aqua Girl Maggie F NW1 NW2 NW3 melanoma in toe in early 2022 but doing well in 10/2023
Kistryl Golden Girl Koozie F
Kistryl Lady Blackhawk Holly F died March 2023 of histiocytic sarcoma
Kistryl Kid Vixen Vixen F JH, WC, CH, WCX, GCH
Kistryl Liberty Belle Bella F died 12/27/2023 of synovial cell carcinoma